Zonal Allocation… like never before

POSEIDONTM carries out a multi-phase allocation by fully integrating a pseudo-steady state rate formulation with fractional flow modelling. Permeability profiles at the well and production logs are included in the allocation process. By precisely evaluating the phase allocation uncertainty for each well and layers, the optimum reservoir surveillance program can be determined.


Stochastic solution search


Commingled production assessment

Alternative Allocation scenario generation



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Are you connected ?

Carry out a very rapid assessment of possible connectivity between wells using a range of algorithms: Multi-Offset Correlation Analysis (MOCA), and proxy-models such as Capacitance-Resistance Models (CRM) that are gaining interest in the industry. The overall reservoir connectivity can be evidenced, as well as a classification of injector and producers pairs for direct optimisation of the IOR scheme.


Producer-producer connectivity

Injector-producer connectivity


X-ray your reservoir performance

Deploy automatically an array of descriptive analytics and machine learning algorithms to perform a comprehensive analysis of reservoir and well performance. Traditional material balance, creaming curves, decline rate computation, fractional flow fitting are complemented with advanced performance analysis workflows to support the assessment of high-level priority strategies for each reservoir unit, and form a structured basis for redevelopment strategies


Automated well and reservoir diagnostics


Map based visualisation



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Like never before

Compliant Mapping computes at each time step the reservoir unit material balance, and calculates the total required phase movement within the 2D area. It then distributes the phases (oil, water, gas) along realistic saturation trends from injectors/aquifers towards producers, simultaneously matching the overall phase balance and the fractional-flow calculated saturation at each well.

Remaining Oil Map


Vertical heterogeneity.. Captured !

The well fractional flow is recomputed at each timestep, including perforation changes, and allows to capture the vertical permeability distribution



Next generation stick-plots

The C-Track algorithm is used to convert map saturations to Oil-Water and Gas-Oil contact levels at all wells. Poseidon allows to generate detailed next-generation stick-plots


Initial pre-production saturation distribution


Current time POSEIDON predicted saturation distribution



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Infill & behind-pipe opportunities

Automatically filter further drilling and behind-pipe opportunities based on technical and economical constraints such as remaining moveable oil in place and saturation within a capture area. Future well characteristics can be estimated by integrating the saturation information, as well as productivity from neighbouring wells and/or mapped permeability.


Opportunity Identification – Oman mature field
Colour: remaining oil volume standard deviation


Further Development & Scenario Production Forecasting

The Poseidon predictive workflows combine machine learning algorithm with remaining oil mapping to deliver reliable, calibrated forecasts


Machine learning workflow within Poseidon’s predictive module, Apache algorithm

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Validate your data… Fast !

Rapid and efficient assessment of the production/injection data with a variety of validators embedded into the toolbox. Data Scan Index (DSI) calculation opens the potential to assess huge datasets within minutes. Mapping and plotting capabilities are available to simplify data analysis and repair.


Scan large volumes of data and validate production/injection data


Map data quality over the field and/or reservoir layers



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