A total of 60+ validators allow to identify, quantify and map both suspicious production data behaviour and clear anomalies. To that effect, well events (zone changes, injection start/stop, etc) are incorporated in the analysis. A data quality index is generated and data corrective measures proposed for each well string. This step is the first in the reservoir management workflow, and can be used as a pre history-matching validation.

POSEIDON™ DATASCAN entails to review and validate the production data. This module will perform well events reconciliation to ensure data integrity and identify:

  1. Production data error; these include inconsistencies between rates, cumulative volumes and ratios
  2. Production data anomalies; these include unusual trends and changes, suspected well allocation and production data anomalies

This functionality was developed to serve as a data pre-conditioning to both LTRO/Reservoir Management activities, as well as Dynamic Modelling activities. More than 60 validators have been coded and further customization can be performed.


Production data quality screening using POSEIDON™ DATASCAN

POSEIDON™ DATASCAN also can perform Analysis & Validation, where it can perform the following tasks:

  1. Analyse cumulative volumes, well groups, field production, injection data, watercut and gas-oil-ratios for inconsistencies
  2. Analyse production and injection trends for rapid increments, peaks and constant values
  3. Identify missing production data and missing well events
  4. Repair erroneous datasets and export cleaned-up datasets to POSEIDON™ or other industry simulators

Through POSEIDON™ DATASCAN, production and injection data (well/group/field) and well events history are analysed through a set of validator algorithms with weightings.


Generation of ‘suspect’ data heat-map using POSEIDON™ DATASCAN. This allows focus attention to be given more towards critical wells